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A kayak is a kind of boat and moving in the waters in the kayak is called kayaking. It is different than canoeing since a canoe is different than a kayak by the blades on the paddle and the position where the paddler sits. Kayak is a kind of slim boat on which the paddler sits with facing the front and the paddles have double blades. The legs of the paddler are stretched in front and the decks of the kayak are usually closed. However, the use of open deck sit on the top as well as inflatable kayak is slowly and gradually growing in status too. Kayaking is a great adventure activity sport that involves paddlers on kayaks rowing through rough waters. However, kayaks are also used for other purposes like fishing, diving or even rescuing during floods due to the high adaptability and range of kayaks. There are various kinds of kayaks available in the market, made from different kinds of materials like fiberglass, PVC, wood, plastic, metal and the newest addition is the feather light but expensive carbon fiber.

A paddler involved in the kayaking activity can choose the kind of kayak that would be most suitable. The most popular and common of the different kinds of kayaks are tandems, spray deck, sit on top, inflatable and cockpit style. In India too, kayaking as an adventure activity sport is catching up quite fast. In the state of Uttarakhand in north India, indulging in different adventure activity sport including rowing in the flowing white waters in a Kayak is extremely popular. Uttarakhand is one of the best places to set sailing in a kayak due to the many flowing rivers crisscrossing the state. The best time to go on a kayak expeditionin Uttarakhand is during the winter months.

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