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The best time for adventure sports in Rishikesh is between the months of Feb & June and again from Sept till Dec. The temperature of the river water and also the weather is around 10° to 15° which is ideal for Rishikesh Rafting season. The only time when the white water rafting is closed in Rishikesh is in the monsoon, during the months of July - Aug. The Rishikesh Rafting season will certainly provide you with an unusual experience that can only happen once in a lifetime. Explore the River Ganges on Rishikesh rafting[1] season and gather experience of a life time. Once you participate in the rafting program, you will want to get back to the adventures and the thrills.

Rishikesh offers enchanting views of the sceneries all around, throughout the year. The weather is always pleasant however the Rishikesh Rafting season is only for 9 months. Most people whether they are domestic travelers or foreign tourists visit Rishikesh in this season to enjoy the cool and pleasant weather along with the thrills of the cool adventure sports. The rafting season during the summers is pleasant too with the climate ranging from 25° to 40° centigrade. However Rishikesh receives occasional summer rains and mostly the average range of temperature remains something in between 34° centigrade. The winter time in Rishikesh is also cool with temperature ranging between 18° and 25° centigrade.

The monsoon season in Rishikesh receives a lot of rainfall and the water level in the Ganges become rather high. This is the reason why, the rafting season remains closed during the monsoons. Although during the monsoons, when there is no rain, the weather can be rather humid during the day time. However Rishikesh being a town next to the banks of Ganga, enjoys cool breeze throughout the year

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