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There are a lot of stories surrounding the travelers to valley of flower where the travelers fall unconscious from the heavy floral scent. These are of course nothing but stories; however, there is a little truth to it too. The valley of flowers is a unique place since it is extremely uncommon to find such a valley that is filled with blooming flowers. The colors of the flowers mesmerize travelers who trek a long way to reach here. Valley of flower trek usually starts from a small place called Gobindghat, which is very near to Joshimath. Starting from here, the valley of flower trek trail leads to another small place called Ghangaria at a distance of 14 km. from Ghangaria, trek of another 3 km would end in the valley of flower. The best time to go for the valley of flower of trek is during the monsoons when the flowers are in full bloom. The travelers might feel a little discomfort during the journey due to the rains but the sight of the valley filled with flowers more than makes up for it.

The scent of the flowers can be smelled from Ghangaria and fields of beautiful wild flowers[1], rose bushes can be seen on either side of the rood when trekking[2] to the valley of flowers from Ghangaria. To enter the valley of flowers, trekkers need permission from the forest department, which can be obtained at Ghangaria. The permission is granted for three days and visitors are not allowed to stay inside the valley. Anyone wishing to stay near the valley of flower can do so in Ghangaria. The valley of flower trek is a very fulfilling one and any tourists looking for trekking experience on a not so difficult trail can try this. The experience would surely be memorable.

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