Stay free from accidents, especially when you are traveling. Traveling and exploring an unknown place can be a lot of fun and frolic. But you should not forget either that being safe no matter where and how you are is of utmost importance. This is especially true when you are traveling and planning to participate in any adventure sports[1]. While you enroll for the adventure activities, you need to have the green signal of your medical supervisor on certain health issues so that your adventure activity is all fun and no scare. Get yourself checked by your medical practitioner whether you have:

  • Epilepsy, diabetes, or seizures.
  • High blood pressure Any back aches or joint pains
  • Unstable respiratory conditions or any cardiovascular disease
  • If you are enjoying motherhood and is in the post partum phase. When you are concerned about your safety and wish to participate in adventure sports, make sure to check out the gears and the equipments that you take in rental for participation in the sports. All the gears and the equipments must be approved by UIAA and must be tested before they are put on rental for the tourists. Always insist on an experienced and expert guide and trainer especially if this is your 1st time in adventure sports.